16th Nov 2005

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One of my guilty secrets is that I have a xanga.com account. (I guess if I'm writing it on my blog it's no longer a secret, huh?) Xanga really isn't the sort of service I should be supporting: it is a crappy lock-in blog host designed to get you to subscribe if you want to comment and pay if you want to use it in any serious way. Want to search, sorry, you'll have to subscribe. Want to search comments? Sorry, you'll have to pay for "Xanga Premium". Plus they make it hard to find the rss feeds for a particular blog and in general don't place the same value on openness in web software that I do. (And don't even think about looking at the html source. Yikes.)

In my defense, I only got an account so I could comment on my friends and relatives blogs who are on xanga (thank goodness none of them are on myspace!) Unfortunately commenting can be addictive and lately I'm writing more on other people's blogs than my own.

So rather than churn out more quality USDA Grade A blog product for you, I'm sending you over to dbmeador's blog. If, that is, you are interested in reading various theological takes on the issue of contraception. Yeah, there are better than 50 comments (click the "Next" link) and most of mine (username "metapundit" of course) go on for pages and pages. Trust me, it gets more interesting than just talking about contraception... Free will, exegesis of the Old Testament and the role of culture... You know when I'm quoting Barth that I'm getting into it. Of course if you're reading my blog hoping for more nuggets of PHP goodness, this won't help you at all! (Although, I did some interesting things with mixing the dynamic and static renderers for quickform lately; stick around and I'll tell you all about it someday.)

PS - is there some way we can get Congress to pass a law mandating a 3 day waiting period on commenting on xanga or something? Just an idea...

Update: Whoops, the link now leads to a 404. Perhaps the theological discussion was a bit too vigorous? I'll update this post if the link becomes active again.

Update: Well, something like that. The discussion was moved to a password protected area due to some controversy among non-participants. Or something like that. If I get inspired, I'll post the 4-5 pages of comments I made...

Posted on Nov 16th 2005, 12:03 AM