13th Jan 2006

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Blog :: Hat tip: metawife

I meant to link to Virginia Postrel's blog the other day, but the metawife beat me to it. While I always enjoy Postrel's writing, recently she had an interesting rant on the junction between Christianity (not her strong suit) and aesthetics (which is). Go read the metawife's take on things (and be sure to click through to the complete article).

While I'm talking Virginia Postrel, why don't you buy this book. The Substance of Style was a thought-provoking book whose thesis has implications for Christians. I'd like to respond to it at some point. While the quality of the book is reason enough to buy, I'm actually more interested in disproving the scurrilous accusation I've heard bandied about...

Posted on Jan 13th 2006, 12:52 PM