4th July 2007

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Welcome back Cyrus! My brother returned from his year long stint in Chicago (for training) and then Brazil and Paraguay. He's a lot thinner, has a little more Spanish and Portuguese than he used to and drinks terere - sipping cold water poured over yerba mate through a special metal straw with a filter on the end... This is not the worst habit involving "grass" and pipe-like implements he could have picked...

The other brother was over here today - discussing his recent music and book reviews I realized I really have a thing for genre bending music - Flogging Molly for your basic hard rock with traditional Celtic instruments, Dirty Three when you're in the mood for a power trio (violin, guitar, percussion) that sounds like raga music with the amp turned to 11, and of course the inimitable Matisyahu has all your Hasidic-Reggae needs taken care of...

Who I'm really into at the moment though, is Eisley. Five (homeschooled, church worship band, etc) musical siblings and a bass player (wait - that didn't come out right... No, no actually that's fine) with ethereal voices, nice indie-rock instruments and sci-fi/literarily influenced lyrics.  Check it out:

Posted on July 4th 2007, 12:50 AM