About metapundit

why metapundit?
I know, I know, why the name? In point of fact I first and foremost chose the name metapundit to pay homage to the all-powerful Instapundit who singlehandedly changed my opinion of blogging. In addition, however, I had in mind a few allusions to the way the prefix is used. Hackers use the term to denote information about information: meta-tags in html contain information about the document and a meta-language is used to define the syntax of programming languages. All that is to say that I am not sure that I have much in the way of original insight to add to the blogosphere, but any fool who can type can dissect others punditry. I want to engage, review, and generally think critically about whatever I come into contact with: books, movies, music, commentary (online and otherwise) and life in general.
Another sense of the word meta means to be at a later stage of development, to transcend or to be superior... I'll leave any application to the reader :)
Whois the metapundit?
I haven't yet decided how I feel about tying my online persona to my "real life" (not that it's too hard to find out - I've even given you a hint..). Suffice it to say that I am a programmer by trade and an amateur musician (classical guitar) in my spare time. I read compulsively (especially theology and philosophy) and dabble with open source software from time to time (yeah, that "linux" thing).
I am married with 1 daughter 2 daughters and a small mortgage on an even smaller house (EDIT: put an addition on the house along with addition on the family) on the wrong side of the tracks in Modesto California. I am a Christian of Anabaptist/Pietist (particularly Brethren) persuasion and leanings. I try to take my faith seriously and hopefully it permeates my thinking and writing...
How can I contact the metapundit?
Try emailing me at webmaster at metapundit.net...