Essays, Sermons, Rants, etc

Aside from my usual tech-blogging and personal blogging I've done some writing on topics or at lengths that don't exactly fit into my blog. Some of this is material originally delivered in lecture format: see for instance the series I did on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book The Cost of Discipleship

I've also got a couple of sermons up - one on 1 Corinthians 13 and application for Brethren folk, a sermonette on Christ the Center, a sermon on Ephesians 4 titled Walking Worthily with a few side observations on Brethren definitions of unity, and another short sermon on 1 Peter 2 that I titled Bricks (read to see why) but was really about ecclesiology.

I wrote a lengthy critique of Mike Well's theology after he spoke at my Church back in 2005 and I wrote a two part review of Steve Brown's book A Scandalous Freedom (part one and part two). I participated in the blogosphere's Christian Carnival with What is Bono Looking For? and wrote about Brethren and legalism with Christianity and Legalism.

I still get links to my (now very old) rant on Code Smells and Design Principles - listing some of my favorite tech authors and bloggers and demonstrating a couple of ideas in PHP. I wrote at length about the socio/political/theological implications of my brother's benefit recital in 2005 - no really! - Don't look at me, I'm just strumming my guitar here. And I made a rare venture into politics when I wrote A Humanist Case for Prop 8.