Apr 25, 2012

PHP Newbie Night at Modesto Scripting Languages Meetup

Most of my tech stuff goes on at simeonfranklin.com nowadays - but I'd like to note that the Modesto Scripting Languages Meetup now has 17 members and we had our third meetup!

Our topic this time was PHP Newbie Night I took a trip down memory lane and presented my Top Ten Rookie Mistakes in PHP. Digging for material (mostly on this blog) also lead me to old rants that hopefully entertained somebody.

Click through to the presentation for details and we might have video up at some point thanks to Jerad Hill - but for the impatient my Top 10 Rookie PHP Mistakes are:

  1. Not learning PHP
  2. Not paying attention to security
  3. Mixing everything up
  4. Caring about micro-benchmarking
  5. Using a template engine
  6. Not using a template engine
  7. "reusing" code
  8. Not reusing code
  9. Using a framework
  10. Not using a framework
  11. And as a bonus: not learning all the other technologies needed for web apps

Mar 09, 2012

PyCon 2012

I'm at PyCon 2012 having way too much fun...


Feb 14, 2012

I got a new job

For the last year I've been doing contract work teaching for Marakana.com in San Francisco. Now we've made it full-time - and my new job title is Expert. Click through to my other site to read That's me, Python Expert for all the details...


Jan 25, 2012

Announcing the Modesto Scripting Language Meetup

Over on my professional blog I announced the new Modesto Scripting Language Meetup. It doesn't seem right to have to drive 60 miles to find a developer oriented meetup - so I started one myself! See all the details on the Modesto Scripting Languages meetup page and come join us for our first meetup!


Jan 23, 2012

I Can't Believe This Worked

My Brother HL 2040 printer stopped loading paper from the tray. I regard printers with the disdain non-techies regard computers in general: mercurial, tempestuous creatures without rhyme or reason. So I did a little googling but without much hope, was amused to discover instructions for covering a tiny rubber pad with scotch tape on a pc repair forum and was amazed to discover it works!

So - if your Brother 2040 makes annoying clicking sounds and refuses to feed paper from the tray check out this helpful post at fixya (be sure to look at the linked pictures). I still can't believe it worked...


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