26th Dec 2005

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Blog :: Oh very nice...

I've not had much experience with D-Link products. Today, however, I was doing a little phone-based computer troubleshooting for a guy from my church who bought a new D-Link router for his home network. I went looking for the manual so I could step him through the configuration screens. D-Link does one better, however, as it provides has emulators for its web-based admin interfaces on the the individual product pages.  By opening up the emulator for the router model my friend purchased, I was able to step him through precisely which boxes needed to be filled out and how to get to each one.  Very Nice!

So why don't all router makers do this? Better yet, why doesn't Microsoft have a emulator website where you can step through all their configuration dialogues for different versions of Windows? When it came time to configure the Windows XP laptop with a wireless nic card, I had to guess a little more (my home computers run linux and Windows 2000 and I don't have a wireless device on a windows box right now). Even a clickable swf movie with every configuration screen accessible from the control panel would be a huge help!

Posted on Dec 26th 2005, 05:13 PM