7th December 2007

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Blog :: Django Blog Apps II

Note: This is an update to my previous post looking for Django Blog Apps.

Since last time I looked at Django Blog applications a couple of heavyweight contenders have emerged. I've been meaning to point out Bruce Kroeze's Banjo Blog app for a while (currently not released but the source is available via Launchpad). Bruce has been among my RSS subscriptions for some time and also turned me on to Satchmo - Banjo looks like an attempt at a feature-full blogging app - skins, trackbacks, pinging, etc are all built in.

You may also be interested in BlogMaker. The folks at BlogCosm just released their blogging application and associated tools - I haven't run it yet but downloaded the tarball and poked around. The app looks pretty polished (uses Migrations to handle schema evolution, for example) and out of the box has support for comments, moderation, trackbacks, pings and a few other goodies. This may be the most polished Django blog application currently available.

It's also nice to see an "Other tools" section in their docs pointing out some of the other Django Blogging Apps  available. Scott Lawton emailed me today (he must be making the rounds - I see links from Michael Trier, Simon Willison and the Daily Python URL popping up on my feed reader) and seems happy to work with other Django Blogging apps to come up with something approaching a WordPress competitor in terms of features and documentation. Not having quite had the time to port this blog to Django yet this is a goal I can enthusiastically get behind. Scott also politely pointed out a bug in the aging hand-rolled PHP I'm currently serving - obviously I need to quit commenting and start installing!

Posted on December 7th 2007, 03:52 PM