19th July 2008

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Blog :: Django Sprint Sausalito

Yesterday I went to the Django 1.0 Alpha sprint at Whiskey Media in Sausalito.

I didn't actually contribute much to the Alpha goal - Jacob Kaplan-Moss (django BDFL) and Malcolm Tredinnick (django committer) seemed to be busy committing batches of backwards incompatible patches to SVN and coordinating with others who were doing the same. I see Brian Rosner merged the newforms-admin branch yesterday at 5pm so it looks like the 1.0 is rolling.

The rest of the non-committers there mostly worked on low-hanging fruit in the bug list. I was only there from 10AM-3:30pm (it takes a while to drive there and back from Modesto) and i fixed one bug in the paginator class and patched some failing tests after a discussion with Malcolm. (see #6997 and #6444).

Whiskey Media (who employs Jacob) was gracious to host us and I believe Industrial Light and Magic paid for our lunch - one of the other devs works for them and paid for our pizzas.

I had fun and snapped a few pics during the day -

Jacob Explaining things in the middle. On the left, haloed by the light Malcolm is coding away.

Jacob is eating pizza. Leah Culver is working behind the pizza boxes. I didn't catch the guy's name on the Left but he bought us lunch (and talked about Python at IL&M).

David Kellerman sat next to me and admired the time it took (multiple hours) to run the entire django test suite under windows.

Early in the afternoon I went across the street to get Coffee with Jacob & David and Jacob insisted on paying - the least he could do, he said, since we're donating a days work. I wonder how many days of his work I've used? At any rate it was nice to put faces to some the names I knew and fun to help out in a small way... I don't think I'll be in person at any of the other sprints (unless somebody wants to pay my way to Dallas or Lawrence) but I'll probably be on IRC. 1.0, here we come!

Posted on July 19th 2008, 05:15 PM