18th October 2006

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I've been meaning to do this for some time now...

Want to hire me?

No, actually, I'm not looking for a job. I have several very fine jobs right now (at least based on the amount of work I'm doing...) Actually, what I'm looking for is the ideal client for my company.

Lately, you see, it's felt like I've gotten away from my core strengths. I'm a technology guy, first and foremost, and as the lead programmer for my small company (2 designers, 4 programmers in the Web Division) I get to set the technology direction we choose to pursue. Lately, though, I've been going through a series of grunt-work style jobs. You know the kind - interfacing to legacy systems, automating data flow, managing software upgrades.

Now this is work, paying work even. But it isn't what I do best. There's no challenge - no interesting problem to solve, no new technology to explore. To be honest, there may be other programmers who are more productive than I when the going gets tedious. I'm easily bored and when I'm doing the sort of work that I do lately, I have to grind to keep myself focused.

So I'm looking for the ideal client. My ideal client is based in the Modesto area and has interesting technology needs. Maybe its an existing piece of desktop software that needs to be web based for greater mobility. Maybe its complicated data that needs to accessible in online form. Maybe its something completely new - a mash up of your data and webservices of some kind.

Whatever it is, I know that I'm the best person in the Modesto area to implement it. Throw me an interesting challenge, and I'm all over it. If you've had an idea germinating in your head lately ("maybe I need a website to do ...") drop me a line through my contact form or email at the address in the sidebar.

Oh yeah, and if your technology needs are more vanilla - don't worry - I've got that covered. Need a website you can edit from your browser? With a blog, podcast feeds, calendars, product catalogues, payment integration, online forms, image galleries... Not a problem - the metapundit can get you set up. Just drop a line...

Posted on October 18th 2006, 06:05 PM