17th November 2006

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I've been learning Emacs lately. Remember that efficiency kick I've been on? This is what it's brought me to. I'm not fluent enough yet to do my daily coding in Emacs, but I've been learning by doing my hobby coding and blog writing in Emacs (for the blog: markdown -> html and then paste into my browser. I gotta write a save markdown plugin for my blog tool.)

Anyways: what is up with x-select-enable-clipboard not being enabled by default in Ubuntu/XEmacs21? The lack of copy-n-paste has been killing me, but thanks to the emacswiki I added a line to my .emacs file and everything works. Why isn't this the default? Who doesn't want copy and paste?

In other news, one of my new short term goals is to write a PHP implementation (and start using it) of doctest. This is a unit testing style that is brilliant in its simplicity! See the Python doctest page or look at this Javascript demo. I really wish I'd thought of that...


Posted on November 17th 2006, 11:16 PM