23rd May 2009

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Blog :: Reorganization

You may notice (if you're visiting the site) that things are moved about. New menu entries appear, old ones disappear - but fear not! All the great blog content you've come to expect from the virtual pen of the metapundit is still here - it's just been dusted off and moved around a bit.

As threatened a bit ago I've split my blog up into two separate streams: a Tech Only Blog and a personal blog. If you're visiting the old url or subscribed to the old RSS feeds than things will continue to just work, but if you'd rather not hear Baypiggies reports and rants about PHP you can now subscribe to the personal RSS feed and not get any of the tech stuff. And of course you can subscribe to the Tech-Only RSS feed if my theological ramblings are starting to annoy you...

Do poke around - I've put up an essays section to link to the longer writing I've done and I'll try to keep it updated as I write more. I've also got some UI changes in the works to make it easier to find related content...

Posted on May 23rd 2009, 09:24 AM

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