25th November 2011

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I hadn't done a satisfying side project in a long time. The last one that springs to mind was some simple PyGame typing games I made for my daughter when she wanted to play a computer game but couldn't get the hang of a mouse.

She's a little older now and is in first grade. We have a great home-school/tutoring co-op setup going and really only have to worry about the curriculum for first grade social studies. Recently my wife asked me to put together some worksheets for the "Symbols, Icons, and traditions of the US" portion of the California State Standards for 1st grade social studies.

True to my usual form I took the opportunity to play with software - I wrote a little script that takes directories of YAML files and runs them through some Jinja2 templates to produce a little website. You can see the resulting educational website and check out the code on github.

I took the opportunity to play with some html5 and css3 and didn't even try to shoehorn support in for IE - Chrome and Firefox both support the <audio> element, CSS gradients, CSS transitions and rotations, etc so the site looks quite spiffy in modern browsers but results may vary dramatically in older and less standards compliant browsers.

Posted on November 25th 2011, 01:49 PM

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