10th May 2005

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I found an interesting blog run by a pastor named Brad. This post in particular caught my attention. I've read a good bit of the brad's blog now (and listened to an audio sermon) and feel we're at some different places theologically, but at the same place in the ones that count. Some of what he has to say sounds very willardian to me (that's a good thing!).

The great eschatological reality is that by the Spirit's power we possess salvation from sin.

What does the phrase "salvation from sin" mean to you? To so many evangelicals this equivalent to saying "I will go to heaven when I die". That isn't what I think of though, nor, apparently does Brad. I'll give you a hint. Romans 8. (Yes that was the whole hint. If you want more, go read 21stcenturyreformation.blogspot.com.)

Posted on May 10th 2005, 11:57 PM