16th Apr 2005

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Blog :: Update for the week

OK (Renee if you are reading this) not too bad this week. I've done 3 memorization sessions this week and managed to use my new prayer book a grand total of twice. Steph and I are trying to close our day together with the daily prayer and compline from the Celtic Prayer book, but the main obstacle to that has been that I don't go to bed. I think this workweek my bedtimes have been 12,2, 12:30, 11:30 and 11... It's hard to pray together when falling into bed early in the morning. I suppose I need to regularise my sleep style, but this conflicts with my hacker/musician ethos (rise when ready, stay up till at least 1:30 coding/playing).

Posted on Apr 16th 2005, 11:10 PM