2nd Jul 2005

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Tonight's dinner was grilled Corn on the Cob, grilled red potatoes, and grilled Red Snapper filets in a Red Pepper Lime butter sauce.  You would be right if you speculated that it was too hot to cook in the kitchen.

"Recipe" would be an excessively formal term for the cooking the wife and I often do, but the outlines of the dinner are as follows:  the sauce consists of a Red Bell Pepper, slightly blackened then pureed in blender with juice of a lime and reduced slightly with addition of a stick of butter, salt and pepper.  The fish was grilled and placed on splash of sauce, and the sides consisted of corn on the cob (peel back husks but leave on and tie with string to make a convenient handle) and shish kabobs of red potatoes and left over red bell pepper, all brushed with cilantro garlic butter... Yummy!

Posted on Jul 2nd 2005, 10:54 PM