12th Aug 2005

Blog :: Able Danger

Nice, perhaps even fair, article on Cindy Sheehan on the front page of the Bee today. (Yes I realise it's from the AP feed).  I'm still not sure Mrs. Sheehan is actually news, but the article managed to give a human interest look at the political anti-war side of things while still portraying Bush as wrestling with a serious decision and making his choices for good reasons.

Fair enough.  Friends of mine will note that I often talk about how much slower the MSM newscycle is than the blogworld (at least if the topic doesn't push the national conversation in, um, helpful ways).  So I'll make a prediction: You know all about  Cindy Sheehan now, but the over under on how long it is before you know what the phrase "Able Danger" signifies, if you get your news solely from the MSM, is about 1 week.  I'll link to the story when I see it in the Bee.

Posted on Aug 12th 2005, 11:21 PM