18th Sep 2005

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Blog :: Simple Pleasures

Sometimes simple pleasures in life are best. While I am a gourmand of sorts (hopefully in the primary meaning of the word: a lover of fine food), tonight I am sitting at my computer with a simple supper.  Fresh Ciabatta from Word of Mouth (the best bakery in Modesto), a plate of olive oil and balsamic vinegar in which to dip my bread, and a glass of red wine.  My mouth and stomach are quite happy now despite the simplicity of my meal.

Similiarly this weekend I have enjoyed splendid entertainment. No concert or movie required - my entertainment has also been of the simple kind.  Yesterday I met a relative of my wife's who neither of us had met before. We were already friends through the blogosphere, however, and so no awkward introductory period was required before we became instant family.  We talked for hours about education, theology, literature, and life and I had a fantastic time.  Life's simple pleasures...

Posted on Sep 18th 2005, 11:09 PM