7th Dec 2005

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Too tired to write tonight, so despite being a writer, not a linker I'd just like to throw a couple articles out there for your reading pleasure.

To see why I am not that enthusiastic about the whole concept of labor unions these days, read this article about the UAW and GM (Tracie, this means you!)

I'm still thinking about RIAA, DRM, the DMCA and other acronyms. I've been following the developments in the Sony's rootkit screw up with a great deal schadenfreude (see here for a good summary if this is a new story to you) and ran across this article which explains who DRM is really aimed at (hint: it ain't the "pirates"!)

Update: Hmm. Too tired to write means too tired to post as well. Link above is fixed. Thanks to madvbdog for noticing...

Posted on Dec 7th 2005, 09:05 PM