5th Jan 2006

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Blog :: Gunshots I have (Not) heard in the Night 2

I always miss the excitement. Tonight we came home from dinner with the in-laws at 10pm, left to walk at the 10:15 and the MLK/Maze intersection was swarming with cops. Approx. 13 law enforcement vehicles (marked, unmarked and 2 parole cars), an ambulance, and a fire engine were on scene, all with flashers going and officers out of the vehicles. The  street was crime-taped off about 100ft south on MLK and there was only one civilian in sight.

On our return 45 minutes later, some police cars were still there with flashers on and a Police Van (mobile evidence lab?) had arrived. An officer was inspecting the wall of the Liquor Store. Dollars to donuts it was a drive-by and I missed the scene by 5 minutes either way (and didn't hear the shots from 2 blocks down.) Maybe I'll know more when I read the paper in the AM...

Update: Yup. "A man was apparently shot in the forearm Thursday night on Martin Luther King Drive..."

Update: Pieces of evidence number 16 & 17; two of the half a dozen bullet holes in the wall of the corner store. Click for larger version.Bullet Holes
At least they were bad shots!

Posted on Jan 5th 2006, 11:56 PM