10th Apr 2005

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As part of the small group I am part of, I am engaged in an accountability project. At the moment I am trying to spend time each week memorizing 1st Peter. So far, hmm... Not so good. I did really well at first, memorizing all of chapter 1 in about a month. Since then I have been laboring (halfway through chapter 2) to spend the time i need.

It's not the memorization that is hard for me. It's the habit. I love it, once I'm actually in my chair with a cup of tea and nothing to do but pray and read 1st Peter for half an hour. But making that a regular part of my life... So I have a new resolution. I think I need more, not less, to make this a habit. Each weekday I'll start my day with reading from Celtic Book of Prayer and end it with reading in 1st Peter (as near to 1/2 an hour as I can manage.)

Posted on Apr 10th 2005, 05:02 PM