15th January 2009

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Just kidding.

Actually I've been meaning to promote Big Wolfe Coffee on my blog for some time and haven't gotten around to it yet...

People who know me personally know that I take my coffee seriously. I've been hand roasting my own coffee since 2006 and typically fill up my thermos at the beginning of each morning with freshly roasted coffee made with my aeropress and hotpot (which allows me to control the time and temperature of brewing). I've been buying green coffee beans from Sweet Maria's in Oakland but have recently switched to buying from Big Wolfe Coffee.

Justin, the co-proprieter) is a friend of mine and fellow coffee fanatic. Some of the differences between Justin and I can be observed (as I have been fond of remarking lately) by noting that three years after I started I still roast coffee in a skillet in 6oz lots, judging degree of roast by smell and sight, and buy my coffee 10-20lbs at a time. Justin on the other hand has moved up to 120lb bags and I was recently privileged to witness his self-designed roaster in action that can easily handle 5 pound lots. Seriously, Justin and his dad may have built the most cost effective (quality/$) roaster in the world. And the coffee they turn out is pretty special - I got to cup some of the lots from they tested from wholesalers and it was all pretty good stuff; but the Sumatra they currently have on offer is exceptional. If you're interested in moving up to gourmet coffee (still at Starbucks prices) and live in the Modesto area you should check out their website and give them a call.

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Posted on January 15th 2009, 12:30 AM

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