4th March 2006

Blog :: Blip

I've been wanting to comment about blip for a while. I've got a longer post that's been sitting in the hopper and I wrote a substantial comment on their post about communion the other day that I never pointed out. As usual my writing pace is alternating between slow and sloooower so I want to just throw some props their way and encourage you to check them out (plus I can uncheck a couple of "Keep New" items in my bloglines...)

Blip is a blog cowritten by two guys. I originally found them doing a search for some PHP stuff that one of the guys had written. Since then I've been struck by how often they post interesting comments on Christianity and theology. Some of you (and by "some of you" I really mean "Renee") might be interested their frequent posts on their theological reading. See the Herbert McCabe or Stanley Hauerwas "On Sin" posts for instance). Everybody, however, ought to appreciate this post on music, U2, and Hebrews 11. Maybe I'm biased because U2 is one of my favorite groups and this is one of my favorite passages in scripture. But I don't think so. Set a side 5 minutes and read Wandering Church: U2 and Hebrews.

Update: the metawife commented on part of why we appreciate Bono...

Posted on March 4th 2006, 05:13 PM