4th June 2005

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Blog :: Full disclosure

It occurs to me that I ought to offer full disclosure on my relationship to the Modesto Bee if I continue to criticize it. The Bee offered (and continues to offer I believe) community editor and a community columnist positions.  I was a community editor for the Bee a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  For 3 months I attended one editorial board meeting a week, met the publisher and talked shop with the other members of the board (both community and professional).

Additionally as an editor I was extended the opportunity to write a column that appeared in the Opinion section of the paper.  I wrote IIRC three columns and even did a little first hand investigative reporting on a local controversy.  All this is merely to provide you with my history.  I have not yet entirely made up my mind about tying my online persona to the rest of my life, so I'm not going to provide any more details.  To sum up, however, I briefly volunteered at the Bee, enjoyed my experience immensely and bear no ill will towards the people I came into contact with and the institution as a whole.

Posted on June 4th 2005, 07:50 PM