2nd October 2005

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Blog :: Gunshots I have heard in the night...

My wife woke me up the other night because of the noise of what turned out to be a shootout a couple of blocks down.  We weren't sure if we were hearing shots, partly because there were so many - perhaps 20 or 30.  I did what I always do in our neighborhood when I hear gunfire.  Rolled over and went back to bed.

From the Modesto Bee's account:

Two groups of people opened fire at each other across a street early Friday, killing one man, wounding another and terrifying people in a west Modesto neighborhood.

Police did not know how many guns were fired or who fired them.

Officer Mike Amarillas said as many as 30 people were in the street after the shootout, but he wasn't sure how many had taken part in the battle. No one was arrested.

Posted on October 2nd 2005, 09:28 PM