21st May 2006

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Blog :: Happy Aniversary to me!

I think I've fallen prey to sitemeteritis lately. I've been working on a couple of longer essays that are "really good" and will bring in "lots of traffic"... Meantime of course I haven't posted anything else and I'm enjoying writing less. Well - I remind myself that I'm maintaining my blog as a means of communication and for the enjoyment of writing about what I'm interested in - not to raise my TTLB Ecosystem rating.

Last night I had fun. The metawife and I celebrated our sixth anniversary by going out to fine dining. The anecdotal reviews I'd heard about Galleto's were essentially correct: delicious food, moderate portion sizes, and very high prices. I passed on the $1,175 dollar bottle of wine (the highest I saw listed in a brief scan of the wine list) but did have a nice glass of Petite-Syrah to go with my Prime Rib; both were quite good. The metawife had excellent lamb chops and we got desert to go. I had the appropriately named B-52 Bomber (3 kinds of chocolate, 3 kinds of liquer) which was excellent if a trifle on the scant side and also got a little taste of Tiramasu. Good food and a relaxing couple of hours (baby stayed with the Aunties)!

Posted on May 21st 2006, 09:24 PM