15th April 2012

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Well, that was an ... interesting season of Lent. My Church life has changed more dramatically than I would have thought possible at the start of the season. Things started out innocently enough - Fat Tuesday at my house means Taco Truck Tacos and drinks all around!


Lent turned out to be a season of sadness in general. After seven years at BCF my family has left. The time was not wasted - we've been blessed by much fellowship and friendship - but I can't help feeling a sense of sadness and failure at our departure. I'll have more later to say about my reasons for going and what I hope to do next but for now I am still processing it all myself.

Not all has been sadness - we had a lovely Sunday playing hooky with friends and talking about the future.

"We're Walking!"


After the long Lenten season Easter was a reminder that God is a God of life from Death. We remember the death, but we celebrate the victory of resurrection life.


In fact I would go so far as to say that Easter has left me hopeful. I've spent some time looking back, thinking about events and decisions, what I could have done differently or wished others had done. I thought about the last congregation I was a part of - leaving doesn't get any easier! And now I am immersed in change and though much of what I value most in my life - life in the Body of Christ - is uncertain going forwards I believe and trust that He has something good in store for me and my family in the year to come. In the season of Easter I am grateful to be reminded of the presence of my resurrected savior and of the power of the one who raised Him from the Dead.

Christ is Risen!
He is risen indeed!

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