6th April 2009

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If you're an rss-only reader you may not have noticed that metapundit.net has been sporting a comments section for some time now. Of course you might be pardoned for not seeing them even if you visit the site; the little "zero comments" links at the bottom of each article look lonely and insignificant and the eye just seems to skip over it.

Lately, however, there has been a little buzzing in the comments. I see a veritable discussion breaking out on some of my theological posts. And if you haven't yet contributed - here is your opportunity to voice your opinion about the future of metapundit.net.

I've been a very irregular blogger and I've been wondering about the causes (besides laziness) of my sporadic output. At least one issue for me is a problem with one of the fundamental rules of good writing. What did your 9th grade teacher tell you? Know your audience.

I have two distince voices and two distinct audiences. I regularly write technical posts about programming. I also sometimes write about theology and Christianity.

I always seem to worry that whatever I write is boring half my readers to tears. I haven't read many Geek-blogs with a side of theology; most tend to be mostly about technology with occasional theological posts (Gerv's Hacking for Christ is an excellent example of the genre).

I'm not inclined to cut back on my theological posting (in fact that's the area I'm most motivated in right now) nor am I likely to cut back on any tech ranting I may need to get out of my system. And I haven't figured out at all what to do on my professional site so I've barely blogged there at all.

So I'm thinking about splitting up my blog - having a tech blog and a separate theology blog both hosted at metapundit.net.

This is your opportunity to weigh in - always wished I'd have separate RSS feeds? Like the diversity of posts? Want to point out that nobody really does the "two blogs, one author, one domain" thing? (I already know that last one...) Or perhaps you have another suggestion entirely! Feel free to fire away.

Posted on April 6th 2009, 01:29 AM

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