19th March 2007

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Blog :: No really, I feel very safe in my neighborhood

An exciting weekend in my neighborhood - Saturday a guy with a machete was shot and killed by two carloads of young men at my corner gas station after he took one of them hostage (no not the store with the bullet holes, this is across the street).  The police are looking for the men but say (based on the stations surveillance video and witnesses) that the shooting may be justified. I didn't hear any of this (it happened after 1AM) but did get to hear the earlier swat raid on the house a few doors down and across the street.

Justin and I were hard at work on the back fence when I heard some shouting from the front.  When I went to check it out there were a few police officers (some in tactical vests/helmets) around the front and several people handcuffed. Just as I looked out one of the officers unholstered his sidearm and covered a man sitting on the sidewalk in front of him and yelled at him to put his hands out... I retreated to the backyard.

The rest of the afternoon we were treated to the occasional "whoop-whoop" as the police pulled people over - according to this press release the occupants were selling heroin and meth and the police took orders and arrested clients for the rest of the afternoon.

In less dramatic news, my new back fence is nearly done. This will be the first time since MID burned a hole in my back fence last summer that I'll feel reasonably secure about having tools (lawn mower, etc) in my back yard... Ah, no gaping charred hole in the fenceline and a gate that opens. What luxury!

Posted on March 19th 2007, 11:30 AM