28th December 2006

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There must have been a storm last night - the sky is brilliantly blue and there are small branches fallen among the leaves on my front lawn.

I was oblivious, unfortunately, as the metawife and I have been in the hospital for the last couple of days. She is 32 weeks into pregnancy and it looks like we will be lucky to see 34 weeks (premature rupture of the membranes). I'm taking vacation this week and had plans to write - instead I think my time will be spent mostly at the hospital.

Fortunately there is no very great danger to mother or baby right now - the Doctors gave the metawife a steroid injection that encourages the development of the lungs. Obviously being born at full term is better for the baby than being born at 32 weeks - however nobody seems to be to alarmed at the prospect now that the steroids have had time to work. A birth now would mean some time in the infant ICU, however, so we're going to try to wait as long as possible before actually having the baby.

Unfortunately for the metawife this means hospital bed rest and lots of a drug (Magnesium Sulfate) with unpleasant side effects. And of course I'm spending time with her while trying to keep an eye on our daughter... Thankfully we have lots of family close by who are helping out in many ways (I had breakfast delivered to the hospital this AM!). Posting will be light, however, and responses to great letters (JCL) and lengthy theological posts (what's in the water in Brasil anyways?) are delayed... Your prayers in the meantime for wife and baby are appreciated!

Posted on December 28th 2006, 02:56 PM