2nd December 2005

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Blog :: Redesign

If you usually read this site from my RSS feed, you might drop by briefly.  I've finally updated the template the site is based on to something a little more attractive (hopefully!)  The previous black and white color scheme (hey! I'm a programmer, not a designer) was pulled together in literally 5 minutes; this one took a little longer and was substantially helped by color criticism from the metawife

I'm proud that the site looks better, but as usual, I'm more interested in the nuts and bolts of things underneath.  In that regard, I've also improved the site with printable stylesheet (do a print-preview to see what that looks like) and a stripped down stylesheet for handhelds.  Drop me an email if your browser of choice has any visual glitches...

Posted on December 2nd 2005, 04:27 PM