10th January 2010

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This is another of my hesitant recommendations - anyone hooked on Unqualified Reservations at my instigation knows what I'm talking about.

So - proceed with caution, minors without adult supervision are forbidden and management is not responsible for any sensations of discomfort you may experience - but the Misandry Bubble was a blast to read. Some people, you read and think, this might be right or wrong but it isn't on the same playing field as everyone else!

One graf among many that struck me as exactly right (emphasis mine):

Lastly, the religious 'social conservatives' who continue their empty sermonizing about the 'sanctity of marriage' while doing absolutely nothing about the divorce-incentivizing turn that the laws have taken, have been exposed for their pseudo-moral posturing and willful blindness. What they claim to be of utmost importance to them has been destroyed right under their noses, and they still are too dimwitted to comprehend why. No other interest group in America has been such a total failure at their own stated mission. To be duped into believing that a side-issue like 'gay marriage' is a mortal threat to traditional marriage, yet miss the legal changes that correlate to a rise in divorce rates (divorce being what destroys marriage, rather than a tiny number of gays), is about as egregious an oversight as an astronomer failing to be aware of the existence of the Moon.

Set aside some time and read the whole thing...

Posted on January 10th 2010, 11:55 PM

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