12th March 2013

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Blog :: Why I am an education anarchist, part 4,423

Offered without comment:

I think the other day I said it was in third grade that the school gave us trouble over Robert. I was wrong, it was actually in first grade. I sent them a kid who could read, write and was working on fractions. Imagine our shock when in our first first grade conference, the teacher informed us that Robert was learning disabled and would probably never learn to read and write. This was particularly surprising since one of her pieces of evidence was a worksheet that consisted of 1+0, 2+0 etc. across the top of which Robert had written in properly spelled words “this is stupid and boring. A number plus zero always equals the number.”

Malice or Incompetence by Sci-Fi authoress Sarah Hoyt

Posted on March 12th 2013, 05:51 PM

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