25th April 2007

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I'm only three weeks late in posting about the Xanga party. Yeah, despite being more into the "serious" blogosphere (as opposed to the Myspace/Xanga/Facebook end of things) I do have a Xanga account for commenting purposes. Lots of my friends and family have xanga blogs and recently my wife's cousins came up with the cool idea of having a Xanga party.

With several out of state Xanga friends coming into town they invited pretty much everybody on their Xanga subscription lists to come and put faces to Aliases. Apparently some people were confused that I wasn't actually a penguin (my profile pic on my xanga site is a Tux cartoon) but once we got that straightened out I actually had a blast.

The "official" festivities were pretty minimal - everyone brought finger food (pita and tzatziki sauce in my case) and at one point we rounded up everybody, went around the room and connected blognames to people, explained why we chose our aliases, and drew names out of a hat so that everybody would write about one other person. Aside from that the focus was just hanging out. This turned out to be great - I met Noel_Bo who shares my passion for coffee and occasional patronage of Sweet Maria's. (He's seriously up on me in the Latte Art department however - a fact I intend to remedy.) Lots of other people to meet as well - the other out of staters (uh, country in their case) and some local people I didn't realize blogged.

It's been fun in the aftermath to read through a few new Xanga people's blogs - reading the comments on the blog of one of the partyers lead me to some Travis Picking Drop D Hymns arranged for the guitar by a Mennonite computer geek/guitarist from Canada. It's a small world and the internet makes it smaller...

One person (whose name I drew from the hat) I was already familiar with. She always seems to be around a handsome young cousin of mine but until the party I didn't know that she has a black belt in a martial art  and a medical condition that makes her toes turn blue! SarahJayne88  is training to be a nurse -  based on how she's doing so far, I think she'll do well.

OK - I did my bit (metawife too) - where are the pics from our fearless party leaders?

Posted on April 25th 2007, 12:16 AM