2nd March 2009

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I can only echo the Internet Monk's comment on this excerpt: "Exactly."

No I take that back - I can say more. I enjoy the mocking of preaching based on relevance and fads. I especially enjoy the mocking of Christless preaching - I'm with IMonk that preaching that doesn't include Jesus is preaching in vain. I also think that the laugh line ("I have no problem with topical preaching, as long as it's done exegetically") should be taken seriously - topical preaching should be done with an emphasis on "What does scripture teach us about this?"

What I appreciate most however is the last few lines. Matt Chandler believes in preaching the Gospel to Christians - but the Gospel is not limited to "believe in Jesus and you won't go to hell when you die"!

By the cross of Christ socially I have been set free from the sin of arrogant hierarchy seeking and saved to humility and seeking the lower seat. That in Christ and His cross materially I have been set free from grasping and finding my identity in things and saved to using God's creation properly and giving away money and things to advance his Kingdom further.

Do you recognise that as the Gospel? This is the message of Jesus (who spent his 3 years of active ministry "proclaiming the Good News") and yet I daresay it has an exotic quality to the ears of many Christians.

Posted on March 2nd 2009, 01:55 AM

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