24th April 2007

Blog :: Sermon on Ephesians 4

I preached last Sunday at BCF as a substitute for one of the regular ministers who was away. I had done some reading in Ephesians recently so chose to speak on that with the end of chapter 3 and the first 16 verses of Chapter 4 as my text.

Honestly this was one of my more free-lancing sermons - usually Sermons or teaching series I have done before are motivated by my reading. My sermon on 1 Cor. 13 was mostly a condensation of Richard Hayes' awesome commentary on 1 Cor 13 and I've done series on the Sermon on the Mount (Dallas Willard), the book of Jonah (Jacques Ellul's fantastic take in The Judgement of Jonah (even if Renee doesn't like it)) and so forth.

No such inspiration this time. The theme of Ephesians 4 is the Church as the Body - basically I wanted to emphasize the corporate nature of the Gifts of the Spirit and the clear message from Paul that the Body is the context for the growth to maturity of individual believers. Things basically went well and I really enjoyed the preparation and study time. Still glad to be done though! The whole text of the sermon is here for those who are interested...

Posted on April 24th 2007, 12:30 AM